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Switching to Gaim

I’m not exactly a big Instant Messaging fan, but it seems life forces you to use it these days. The majority of use on AIM, some MSN, Yahoo, and sometimes my favorite Skype. All those clients are clutter. So I don’t use Yahoo much, and keep that one closed. I’ve complained several times about how […]

AIM 6 Beta Out

New AIM Beta (AIM 6.0) Out AIM’s Triton Beta is out. Took it for a spin today. Some observations: Much slower. Using AOL’s silly network utilities apparently. Totally unnecessary. Skype works behind any firewall I’ve ever seen with no problems, and uses much less CPU/RAM to connect. I don’t know how AOL’s going to validate […]

AIM Outage

Seems like AIM had a network outage for 15-20 minutes tonight. Seems to be total, everyone was kicked out. Did anyone even hear ‘last call’?

Making AIM not suck

This is awesome goodness. Makes AIM much better.

Removing AIM Today

Since upgrading to the latest AIM Beta (Which is pretty decent), one of the most annoying things is that AIM Today (that annoying popup ad when you sign on), always appears. No way to turn it off anymore. Daniel Glazman notes that you can turn it off via the registry. To clarify his directions for […]

New AIM Beta Kicks Ass

New AIM Beta Kicks some serious butt: – Video Chat (yes that’s right, AOL finally caught up). – Multiple SN’s at once. Just like DeadAIM was doing (for pay). Multiple buddy lists. I’ve got a few issues though: With multiple profiles online at once, that leaves some serious spam/harassment potential. Think about it. multiple chances […]

AOL Bloopers

This is just to great: From page: Q: Can I delete one of my old AIM screen names? A: No, you cannot delete old AIM screen names at this time. However, you can prevent other users from finding one of your screen names by performing the following steps: Windows: Select the My AIM menu, […]