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Vintage Tiger Cubs

For no particular reason other than it’s the internet and cats of all sizes own it. Here’s a set of vintage photos (1944) of tiger cubs being raised at the Bronx Zoo. Looks like they were from Life. Keep in mind these little guys grew up and could bite your head off long ago.


Man Busted for “Octopus Porn”

A few years ago I ran across an amusing story that described Octopus reproduction, years later, that blog post brings up a decent amount of traffic (as well as some bizarre search queries). For those who find the idea of octopus porn amusing, you’ll enjoy this one from The Sun.

He also got busted for Tiger porn. When asked by the judge if he wanted to make a statement regarding the material, he responded “They’re ggggrrrreat!”.

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Mac OS X Tiger

Just ordered Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. I wanted to do it over a week ago but have been too busy.

Pinkerton has a great post that will likely be a Mac OS X 10.4.1 update. If your a Mac fan and not reading his and Hyatt’s blog… you should start.

On another note Camino update is out.

Did I ever mention that I love my Mac?

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The Wall of Shame

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger has a really cool new screensaver (video available through the link).

I think having the new reporter tool’s “Top 10 Worst Offenders” list as a screensaver to make an official “wall of shame” would be rather cool. I think that will be my new screensaver when it ships.


I told you so

Well, it’s not much of a secret that I’m an Apple Zealot. I admit it right away. Apple’s hardware and software far exceed that of any other company in the industry, no exceptions. A bit more recently this is starting to become a more common mindset. Hixie recently admitted how Mac users seem to always solve the problems (scroll down to Wednesday). Now Paul Graham posted an great bit on how the Mac is making it’s way into every Geek’s heart.

I guess I was just way ahead of my time. I still love my Macs. and I’m aching to get a Wireless card for my Mac Mini so I can get that sucker online.

Mac Users seem to so rarely have problems. Computers run fast, stable, UNIX based OS, quality hardware. I can’t remember the last time a Mac friend told me about their hardware problems. My PC friends tell me about it all the time. I have about the same number of friends on each side of the platform fence. Nor can I remember ever needing to reinstall the OS because of problems. My PC friends (and my PC) have that done all the time. Mac’s just work. They are easier to use, and do the job better.

And if you haven’t figured it out yet, the Tiger theme on this blog is in honor of Mac OS X 10.4 coming soon.


Time to pre order Tiger

Title says it all. I think it’s about time to start pre-ordering Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. $94.99 isn’t a bad price. If your a student, you might be able to get the Apple Discount to get down to $69.99 (though likely a few bucks extra shipping). I’m guessing Apple will start taking orders relatively soon as the expected announcement is April 1. Good to see Apple isn’t raising prices. I’m guessing computers built after April 1 will get Tiger from the factory.

Hopefully the Apple Store will have a WiFi Upgrade kit for my mini by then.

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Firefox Planet?

Apple is taking RSS feeds to the next level by allowing you to display them in a more meaningful way. In Apple’s brilliance, they realized that sometimes users need more than just a title to decide if they want to read the article. So I propose that Firefox take RSS feeds to another level:

I propose that Firefox (1.5 or 2.0) have the ability to display feeds in a format similar to Planet with the ability to do several things to modify the view:

  • You should be able to categorize feeds based on custom names. So that you can (if you choose) put all your tech feeds on one page, and all your news feeds on another page, blogs on another, etc. Perhaps even color code them, or give them icons (based on a collection of default icons).
  • Based on the above, you should be able to display all, or break them up.
  • Sort them based on date, feed, title, or any other attribute.
  • Highlight new feeds you haven’t already read.
  • Notifier to notify you when a feed is updated.
  • Search RSS feeds.
  • Ability to send link (open up default mail client with blurb, link, etc.).
  • Themable via CSS for theme authors, though perhaps give the user the ability to override default colors (just a thought).

This would serve as a massive gain for Firefox. It gives users a whole new way of reading RSS feeds, finally they can sort, search, organize they way they wish to see them. It also makes the ideal start page. It’s visually pleasing, organized, and all content is of interest.

I’m envisioning something more like Planet, than Apple’s, with the ability to handle a fair number of feeds with ease. Being able to easily organize feeds is critical to this feature being successful. Easy to navigate, XHTML/JS based. Because the RSS feeds would be cached, the response time would be pretty much instant when searching, sorting, etc. Something online services can’t provide. Not to mention no need to signup, or look at ads.

Any thoughts on this? Any takers?