I told you so

Well, it’s not much of a secret that I’m an Apple Zealot. I admit it right away. Apple’s hardware and software far exceed that of any other company in the industry, no exceptions. A bit more recently this is starting to become a more common mindset. Hixie recently admitted how Mac users seem to always solve the problems (scroll down to Wednesday). Now Paul Graham posted an great bit on how the Mac is making it’s way into every Geek’s heart.

I guess I was just way ahead of my time. I still love my Macs. and I’m aching to get a Wireless card for my Mac Mini so I can get that sucker online.

Mac Users seem to so rarely have problems. Computers run fast, stable, UNIX based OS, quality hardware. I can’t remember the last time a Mac friend told me about their hardware problems. My PC friends tell me about it all the time. I have about the same number of friends on each side of the platform fence. Nor can I remember ever needing to reinstall the OS because of problems. My PC friends (and my PC) have that done all the time. Mac’s just work. They are easier to use, and do the job better.

And if you haven’t figured it out yet, the Tiger theme on this blog is in honor of Mac OS X 10.4 coming soon.

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I am not a troll, but…

I am a computer engineer at UCI, so here’s my 2 cents:

My friends in engineering classes all use PCs (5 tablet PCs including mine + some linux users) with most of them very knowledgeable. (Some I don’t know why they are computer engineers, though :P)

My friends in art classes almost exclusively use iBooks, but they are mostly clueless about computers other than how to use it.(all of them were very surprised that I can write on my tablet PC screen.)

Again, not bashing mac here, I want a Mac Mini myself.

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