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Securita, I’m starting (finally)

Well, I’ve been delayed by one thing or another for quite some time. Anyway, I’m starting to gather my thoughts, and the various emails and conversations I’ve had with people over the project for quite some time. Just to review, Securita is a project to create a content filter for Mozilla. The first checkin will […]

Todo list remaining

It’s been a busy week, but here’s where I stand: The rest of the “Week” Math Test Accounting Quiz Legal Environments Paper/Power Point Marketing Test unmangle patch for importing .eml files (it’s either on my laptop or server). Create Schedule for next Semester Test and Quiz all done by 4:30 PM, and paper/presentation should be […]

Spyware Blaster Supports Mozilla

Spyware Blaster has been updated to version 3.0. This popular Internet Explorer tool blocks most Spyware ActiveX components and Cookies. New to version 3.0 is support for Mozilla. Since there’s no ActiveX support, it blocks some cookies. Perhaps in the future it will protect against malicous XPI’s. In any regard, it’s great to see a […]

Happy Birthday Website

It’s 1 year ago I turned this from a static never updated page into a rather rapidly updated blog style website! Happy birthday to Some changes coming soon I might add. I’ll be doing a little better with content soon. And some new stuff will come.

Did someone leave the lights on?

In case the news hasn’t reached everyone yet, Netscape will update it’s release sometime early this summer, speculated to be based on Mozilla 1.7. Personally, I wonder who will be actually coordinating this update? And secondly, why not wait until Firefox is released, and market it as Netscape 8.0 Light, and make a pro version […]

Fun with todo lists

Todo: Legal Environments Paper/Power Point Math Test Marketing Test unmangle patch for importing .eml files (it’s either on my laptop or server). Create Schedule for next Semester Filling in any spare moment with Project Aquarius, work, and perhaps a few hours of TV or even sleep. So yes, I’m alive, but if I’m not […]

In search of

Looking for Free (prefer Open Source) software that can create flowcharts, in particular for use with designing user interfaces. Also in search of project management software. Any insight/suggestions welcome.

I guess someone agrees with me

According to this, Mozilla Foundation at least agrees with me, that from both a marketing, and end user support point of view, tech support suck, and it’s only going to get worse as more people use Mozilla products. I mentioned this first a few days ago on the Mozilla Marketing mailing list, drawing a few […]

Tongue Twister

Here’s some fun. From the roomie’s. Haven’t seen this one in ages. Dr. Seuss’ lost tounge twister see if you can do this: This is this cat This is is cat This is how cat This is to cat This is keep cat This is a cat This is dumbass cat This is busy cat […]

NVU 0.2 Out

It’s out and available for download. As expected, awesome work on behalf of Daniel Glazman. I decided once again to take it for a spin. I normally hand code all my pages, but sometimes, especially when working quick on web apps, I like to just draft quick temporary html pages for working, and make them […]