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On Hold

I’ve spent a few hours of the last few days on hold waiting for customer support representatives (CSR). It’s a task that drives everyone nuts. Services like are pretty useful, but still hardly a solution. A few companies now have “call me back” functionality where they will essentially just call you back when the […]

Open Source Support

I said way back in 2004 when the Mozilla Foundation was “Soliciting Proposals for Support Services” that support sucked. I made a few proposals (including chat and knowledge base). It took a long time, but support finally seems to be up to spec. Awesome.

Firefox Support

I said back in 2004 that support was necessary. I’m thrilled to see better support finally becoming a reality. Users will really appreciate this effort.

MozSource Support Launched {beta}

MozSource launched beta tech support via email. They claim that all questions will be answered within 48hrs. This is a beta, and only $4.99 per incident. A few notes on how this can potentially benefit Firefox growth: Great for consumers $4.99 is pretty fair for tech support, assuming that the quality is good. It’s definitely […]

I guess someone agrees with me

According to this, Mozilla Foundation at least agrees with me, that from both a marketing, and end user support point of view, tech support suck, and it’s only going to get worse as more people use Mozilla products. I mentioned this first a few days ago on the Mozilla Marketing mailing list, drawing a few […]