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Securita Roadmap

Well I checked in some source this evening from my work the other day. There’s lots of problems, and it’s so trivial right now it’s sad. It’s going to need some serious work still. But hey, that’s the fun part right? What I need now are some people to lend a hand. I’ve defined the […]

Securita 0.1 in the works

Well I did some work on it today. It’s now in extension form (the old version, prior to Ben Goodger’s changes). Also using a “database” (array) of 18 keywords right now, with a fair amount of success. Now the big topic will be creating a RDF schema and a method for scanning efficiently, and “fuzzy”. […]

Another week done

My goals for the weekend: Catch up on email/IM’s, bugs I missed while sick (almost done) See how far away from getting a few blocking problems resolved with relaunch Follow up on some forum threads I fell behind on Revise term paper on technology waste Securita research (most likely no code) Reserch for Biology […]

Securita, I’m starting (finally)

Well, I’ve been delayed by one thing or another for quite some time. Anyway, I’m starting to gather my thoughts, and the various emails and conversations I’ve had with people over the project for quite some time. Just to review, Securita is a project to create a content filter for Mozilla. The first checkin will […]


Quite some time ago, I started the Securita project, to implement a word filter, capable of providing adequate protection to those who wish to employ such technology. Not much has happened in that project. I believe, with Firebird approaching 1.0 sooner than people think (it’s not that far off), now is the time to seriously […]