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Spyware Blaster Supports Mozilla

Spyware Blaster has been updated to version 3.0. This popular Internet Explorer tool blocks most Spyware ActiveX components and Cookies. New to version 3.0 is support for Mozilla. Since there’s no ActiveX support, it blocks some cookies. Perhaps in the future it will protect against malicous XPI’s.

In any regard, it’s great to see a popular product making Mozilla a priority to support. It makes Mozilla even better for those who want security (without disabling all cookies).

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I prefer SpyBotS&D who’s author also supports Moz/Firefox… hope to see a SpyBot Moz/FF extension from him someday. Looks like he’s created a nice Search Plugin…

SpyBotS&D News: General privacy recommendations

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“Update: I cannot recommend to use the Google search engine any more (seing how many pushed unwanted search results appear on nearly every common term, other search engines have become more efficient in my opinion anyway). Therefore I’ve written a small search plugin for Mozilla/Firebird/Firefox which allows to search through Altavista. My archive of search plugins can be downloaded here. Just unzip this file into your C:\Programme\\mozilla version\searchplugins\ folder.”

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