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Back from Aruba

Back from a week away in sunny Aruba [CIA Factbook | Wikipedia]. Beautiful sunny weather, resort, beaches, food. Saw Geraldo Revera [perhaps better link], (apparently staying in the same hotel on our floor, or the one above) and Greta Van Susteren (not sure if she was staying there or another hotel in the area). ABCNews also appeared to have some people there. Obviously in regard to the Natalee Holloway situation.

In other news the hard drive in my laptop is failing, and CDW failed to ship the new drive I attempted to purchase. Tomorrow is the 4th of July, so likely won’t get to call them and speak to a human being until Tuesday, and I’m sure it will take a few days to arrive (sigh). So I’m down to 1.25 computers (my laptop is at about 25%, and my Mac is at 100%).

I’ve got quite a bit of catching up to do as well, reading, bugmail, etc. etc. I’ll be taking care of all that relatively soon.

So that’s why things have been quiet, and will continue to be somewhat erratic (until I get my new Hard Drive, since my email mainly resides on my laptop for mobility reasons).

Oh yea, congrats to Daniel Glazman on NVU 1.0!


NVU 1.0 PR

Glazou needs some credit on his accomplishment for a 1.0 PR release. It looked pretty solid on the Mac. The one thing I noted was the prefs window appeared slightly to small (horizontally) cutting off a few things, and the same for the “ping us so we can count our users” window.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, go grab some bits. It’s a pretty solid product, and not even 1.0.


NVU 0.50 Released

NVU 0.50 has been released by Daniel Glazman. Awesome new build. Some cool new features. Spell Checking is my favorite (and hope to see it in Thunderbird soon).

My real pet pieve is this:

Spell checking invokes to early. It should invoke when you press space, or return, not when your still on the word. Otherwise it marks it as an error until you complete. That flashing red line is just plain annoying. An option to delay it until you ‘leave the word’, or better yet ,make that the default, would be greatly preferred.

Daniel did a list documenting the new features, so no need to re-write that. All around a great build. All HTML geeks, and non-geeks should be checking it out. Makes web development easy.


NVU 0.2 Out

It’s out and available for download.

As expected, awesome work on behalf of Daniel Glazman. I decided once again to take it for a spin. I normally hand code all my pages, but sometimes, especially when working quick on web apps, I like to just draft quick temporary HTML pages for working, and make them good later. So an editor like NVU would still be useful to me.

Here are a few things I saw that prevent me from using it full time (remember it’s only 0.2, and already kicking butt, I expect it will be much more polished and powerful by the next release):

  • Ability to open multiple pages at one using the File -> Open dialog. I’ve got sometimes several files I work on quite a bit. Would be nice to get them all in tabs, so I can just toggle through them while I work. Tabs kick butt by the way
  • Ability to use a local directory, or a server share in the Site Manager. This would allow people that use samba to connect to their intranet server, or someone with a .mac account to connect to the server via webdav.
  • Normally when I write a template, I create one as a master, but leave a spot in the body where the actual contents will be included dynamically on the server. On the server, I normally have a bunch of .tmpl files that have chunks of HTML, but aren’t complete HTML files. Just body. NVU, and Composer finish them off for me (adding all the precursor stuff like a doctype, and title, body tags. I don’t want those. That would break my app. I would like it to open and preserve if it uses .tmpl extension and don’t modify my code. Just assume I know what I’m doing 🙂

My dream list (most likely shared by most power users, and corporate users):

  • Support raw HTML editing just as well as WYSIWYG, including code completion, and a method for third parties to implement support for other languages
  • XSLT support
  • Option to use XHTML

Ok, well that covers my quick little review. It’s worth a look, even if your not adopting quite yet. I’m not going to use it from day to day, but from what I see, that time will come soon enough. It’s already got some pretty cool new toys, and some polish since the Communicator days. Some cool new toys like templating, and that all to sweet color picker, which hopefully will be in Mozilla soon enough so I can use it in Thunderbird.


Nvu Progress

If your not checking Daniel Glazman’s blog on a daily basis, you really should be. I wish more developers would blog like he does. Checkout the latest screenshot. I hope that color picker makes it to Mozilla soon. That’s real sweet.

Seriously. Keep an eye on that blog. It’s great stuff. Often screenshots, and daily updates, with lots of detail. And it’s not to technical.