Silverlight Update System?

Silverlight update dialog

So when I pointed Firefox to MSN tonight, this is what I saw. Is this really the best way of notifying users of an update? Could they have at least used a confirm() to allow the user to decide if they want to visit that URL or not. Or perhaps use a <div/> to overlay the content of the page when it loads. Is a user supposed to type that URL in by hand? Does the average user even know what to do when they see this dialog (other than hit “OK”)? Perhaps just say “visit and download the latest version”?

Just goes to show how awesome the Firefox automatic update system is.

Considering Microsoft has an update system on all Windows systems, you’d think at least for the Windows platform, they could rely on Windows Update.

Am I missing something? Is there really no better way than an alert()?

Remember everyone, that’s 0x4009e, those are ‘0’, not ‘O’.

No wonder people hate technology so much.


Unable To Update Flash Player In Firefox?

Seems there might be a problem updating the Flash Player in Firefox. The CNet Defense Blog has some more information on the issue. Anyone else seeing this? Seems windows specific. Remember to keep Flash up to date as there are some security issues with older versions.

Funny Mozilla

Update Is Noticeable

This morning I saw Benjamin Smedberg wrote:

I wonder how many other people might have no clue that their applications are incredibly out of date.

Ironically I ran across the following photo on Digg today, which I mirrored since those free image hosting sites tend to remove images linked on Digg pretty quickly:
StormCenter 7 Pwned by Firefox

Seems by 2.0, the problem of not noticing updates if fixed. I guess that bug can be marked as “FIXED”.


Binary Patching

This is by far the best feature in 1.5. This capability allows Firefox to update much quicker (which means more people will keep up to date). This is not only a bandwidth saver, and a way to quickly update, but it’s a security enhancement. It makes staying secure easier and faster, which should translate to more people keeping their computers secure.

Awesome work!

I wonder if anyone is planning to port this to SeaMonkey or Camino. No clue how much work would be involved there, likely a fair amount. Anyone know if there are plans to spread the updating love?


Firefox 1.0.1 Out

If your not updated yet, get downloading!

Mainly security/stability fixes. Nothing really “new”. But it’s still important to upgrade.