Firefox Detention Follow Up

Yesterday I mentioned how Digg was aflutter (8000+ diggs) over the image of a student getting detention for using Firefox. Slashdot confirmed it was a hoax.


Kid Gets Detention For Using Firefox

There’s marketing and there’s marketing. 5000+ Digg’s later (and climbing), still going strong. Some Digg users left some great comments (as always).

Firefox Detention

Thanks to Big Spring School District for this one.

Image mirrored from Upload Geek.

Update: See follow up. It’s a hoax.

Funny Mozilla

Update Is Noticeable

This morning I saw Benjamin Smedberg wrote:

I wonder how many other people might have no clue that their applications are incredibly out of date.

Ironically I ran across the following photo on Digg today, which I mirrored since those free image hosting sites tend to remove images linked on Digg pretty quickly:
StormCenter 7 Pwned by Firefox

Seems by 2.0, the problem of not noticing updates if fixed. I guess that bug can be marked as “FIXED”.