Unable To Update Flash Player In Firefox?

Seems there might be a problem updating the Flash Player in Firefox. The CNet Defense Blog has some more information on the issue. Anyone else seeing this? Seems windows specific. Remember to keep Flash up to date as there are some security issues with older versions.

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4 Responses to “Unable To Update Flash Player In Firefox?”

  1. In my experience, the Flash installer will find all versions of NPSWF32.dll and update them. The author of the CNet article doesn’t explicitly say whether or not firefox was running whilst he tried to uninstall flash or install a new version of flash… obviously if the browser is open and still has its hooks into NPSWF32.dll then that file will be locked and unable to be removed/updated.

  2. Matthew Wilson says:

    Just went through and updated Flash and had no problems.

  3. Bastian Grupe says:

    Seems there is a problem under Windows Vista, I cannot update Flash player as well because it would require elevation and the Firefox PlugIn-Finder doesn’t seem to honor that.

  4. Grey Hodge says:

    This was driving me nuts. No matter what I did Firefox kept seeing .47, not .115, so thanks, the uninstaller BEFORE the installer finally worked.

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