Binary Patching

This is by far the best feature in 1.5. This capability allows Firefox to update much quicker (which means more people will keep up to date). This is not only a bandwidth saver, and a way to quickly update, but it’s a security enhancement. It makes staying secure easier and faster, which should translate to more people keeping their computers secure.

Awesome work!

I wonder if anyone is planning to port this to SeaMonkey or Camino. No clue how much work would be involved there, likely a fair amount. Anyone know if there are plans to spread the updating love?

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Supporting Seamonkey is probably pretty easy since it is a XUL application. It can just make use of the same UI as Firefox and Thunderbird. Camino, on the other hand, will require some Cocoa specific UI, but the core update service component was designed to be UI independent, so this should be fairly straightforward for the Camino folks to implement. –Darin

Robert, in first there’s a huge deal of work on the server side behind this service, so including Camino and Seamonkey does involve not only hacking their respective code.


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