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The Crisis Of Credit

I meant to post this over a week ago but just left the bookmark on my desktop. Here’s a great visualization of the current credit crisis. Simplifying something and having it still make coherent sense and still stay true to the real story is nothing short of an art. This one is a real work […]

V-Chip 2.0?

According to CNet: The Senate Commerce Committee approved legislation Thursday asking the Federal Communications Commission to oversee the development of a super V-chip that could screen content on everything from cell phones to the Internet. The article omits the fact that it’s 99.99997% sure to fail and the committee knows that. Taking a look at […]

Frank Zappa’s Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Testimony

This video is priceless. A must see. You can hear everyone laughing in the background. Not to mention he was being very rational about the whole thing and poking holes in the proposed law.

NSA… Can you hear me now?

Of course when the Federal Government uses the legal equivalent to the Atomic Bomb, you know (despite their insistence) that all of the alleged activity is true… otherwise they would defend it. They even went as far as stating: The fact that the United States will assert the state secrets privilege should not be construed […]

Save the Internet

I’ve spent quite a bit of time encouraging browser choice and platform choice by strongly advocating and encouraging compatibility. It’s sad but it’s now time to do advocate the right to choose what websites and/or services you want to use. If you enjoy using: Search engine of your choice VoIP provider of your choice Music/Video […]

The Politics of Tech

I’m not political, so here’s my political analysis geek style: Republicans Analysis Prefer proprietary technology Invalid HTML is universal across sites, minimal web standards) Choice in media players (QuickTime, Windows Media, Real) Cases Republican National Committee GOP Democrats Analysis Prefer Open Source (most of the time, especially DNC website) Prefer Web Standards at times […]

FundRace 2004

This is fun Yea, it really is. It’s public info, completely legal, and great. Go ahead, search around, and enjoy your legally issued right to do so. As an American you should be informed about who is financing who. Says a lot. Look at maps too. And pass that on. Sooner America stops being stupid […]

Height matters

According to this Study, tall people make more money than short people. “Each inch in height amounted to about $789 more a year in pay, the study found. So someone who is 7 inches taller – say 6 feet versus 5 feet 5 inches – would be expected to earn $5,525 more annually, he said.” […]

He’s not even dead yet

He’s not even dead yet, and were going through his mail. Kind of sad how people take advantage. The man’s still living (though not in a great state of mind sadly), and we are discussing his paper trail and intimate letters. Some people push it to far.

State of the Union

Well done Parody Watch Very enjoyable, brutally honest. Comrade Bush is powerful yes?