Firefox is mainstream

Firefox 1.0 on Yahoo! Even better than the other day. This is a very high profile position to be. And at 11:30 AM EST. The beginning of the workday for the west coast, and right before lunch on the east coast… right when many people browse the web for news.


Estimated 4 hrs until the net changes forever

Firefox 1.0… literally right around the corner.

And you thought I would miss it? I think not. I’m going to get some sleep while some stay up and have fun. Here’s to a good night, an awesome day, and an awesome new age of web browsing.

I’ll be in and out most of tomorrow, but I’ll try to keep in touch on #firefox, #spreadfirefox, #mozillazine, and #developers as usual.

Lets rock the web!


If you haven’t already: donate to the Firefox Newspaper Campaign

It costs as little as $10 to do, and can really help promote Firefox. It’s a great way to help promote the Fox. Not to mention the extra cash helps out the Mozilla Foundation. They make some great software.

Think about it:

How many other products are useful, innovative, stable, and low cost? Not many. With a few bucks you can help ensure Firefox gets some great exposure and more users. If only a small percentage donate some cash, that results in more fuel to continue development. The results are cyclical. You can start the positive cycle.

It takes as little as $10, and only a minute or two of your time. Spread the fox:

Donate Today

(as usual, I’d appreciate anyone who uses my link, so I get some referral credit).


New York Times Ad for Firefox

That’s right. Want your name in the Firefox ad? In the New York Times? Well, it can happen. Donate $30 ($10 for students), and you’ll have your name in the ad! It’s that simple. Signup through my link, and you can put me on my way towards being a “Community Champion”

You know you want to show your mother your name in the New York Times. So why not help a great cause while achieving that goal?

Put Firefox and YOU in the New York Times

(signup through that link and help your buddy Rob out!)

And yes! You can donate internationally, it supports multiple credit cards, and PayPals!

You know, a little while back I did a project that involved looking at New York Times on Microfiche from 1940’s… ads for wool underwear among other fun stuff. Imagine 100 years from now people seeing a Firefox ad with your name on it!


Spread Firefox

If you haven’t already. Signup to Spread Firefox and start putting sexy Firefox Web Badges on your website!

Spread the word. Lets get these on every blog on the web.