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Shuttle Enterprise Up Close

Went to visit the Shuttle Enterprise over the weekend. Only negative to the setup is that the enclosure should have been a little wider so you could see more of the sides. The deck size of the USS Intrepid obviously hinders that. Regardless, they let you get pretty close.

Authentication Chip In Lightning Connector

Back on announcement day for the iPhone 5, I said it would be difficult to impossible for 3rd parties to make Lighting cables because it was likely an active cable. Sadly I was right. From AppleInsider: Peter from Double Helix Cables took apart the Lightning connector and found inside what appear to be authentication chips. […]

The CD Is Now 30 Years Old

The CD is now 30 years old: The digital music revolution officially hit 30 years ago, on Oct. 1, 1982. While you may be surprised to learn that the heralds of the coming age were, in fact, the Bee Gees, it probably comes as less of a shock to learn that Sony was at the […]

Out Of This World Priceless

From Scientific American: A Buddhist statue brought to Germany from Tibet by a Nazi-backed expedition has been confirmed as having an extraterrestrial origin. Just taking a guess here, I know very little about sculpture, but this might be a rare piece and difficult to insure/replace.

Velocity Engine Lives

Doing a little network test and ran a traceroute to $ sudo tcptraceroute Selected device ppp0, address, port 55167 for outgoing packets Tracing the path to ( on TCP port 80 (http), 30 hops max 1 xxx.xx.xx.xx 12.847 ms 12.899 ms 13.736 ms 2 xxx.xx.xx.xx 14.734 ms 14.966 ms 16.143 ms […]

Injecting Saline Into Your Forehead Is A Thing

Warning: The above video could be slightly disturbing. So apparently this is a thing. I can’t for the life of me understand it. It’s just bizarre to me.

Steve Jobs On Life

Steve Jobs in interview for PBS’ ‘One Last Thing‘ documentary, 1994 (via Wikipedia): When you grow up you tend to get told the world is the way it is and your life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much. Try to have a nice […]

Liquid Nitrogen + 1500 Ping Pong Balls

I wish more science was taught this way. Never got to see anything like this in the classroom. It’s like Bill Nye + Mythbusters in the classroom. I love it.

Amazing LEGO Machine

Someone built an amazing LEGO machine here. This thing is like a giant Rube Goldberg machine made out of LEGO. As someone who has a life long love of Rube Goldberg machines and LEGO, this is awesome. This video goes on a while because it’s so big. It must have cost a fortune to do […]

Monkey Playing With Puppy

Ongoing debate with a coworker over dog vs. monkey. I feel a monkey is superior (no surprise there). This video suggests they can coexist together… at least when tiny.