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Velocity Engine Lives

Doing a little network test and ran a traceroute to $ sudo tcptraceroute Selected device ppp0, address, port 55167 for outgoing packets Tracing the path to ( on TCP port 80 (http), 30 hops max 1 xxx.xx.xx.xx 12.847 ms 12.899 ms 13.736 ms 2 xxx.xx.xx.xx 14.734 ms 14.966 ms 16.143 ms […]

New G4 upgrade cards

Sonnet Technologies has announced new upgrades for the G3’s! The new Encore/ZIF G4 800 MHz and 1.0 GHz models are shipping now: Encore/ZIF G4 800 MHz-1M EG4-800-1M $349.95 Encore/ZIF G4 1.0 GHz-1M EG4-1000-1M-U $499.95 NOTE: Encore/ZIF 1.0 GHz models with the part number EG4-1000-1M (without -U) are compatible only with Beige G3 models, and should […]