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Notifications For Better Engagement

One thing I’ve learned repeatedly over the years is that good notification systems create great engagement and encourage habitual users. The biggest problem with any product/service is getting people to come back. “Drive by” users aren’t terribly difficult. Google will bring you those with a little work. However your business comes from users coming back […]

Split Screen Bohemian Rhapsody

I can’t even begin to contemplate how many man hours went into this. He also released the unprocessed vocals. It’s always interesting to compare what someone sounds like before the technology takes over. Especially today. If you’re curious about the equipment, he’s got some info on his website.

LEGO In Space

I love when people send something they made themselves to the edge of space. LEGO guy holding Canadian flags is no exception. Very cool.

Microwaves = Fun

Awesome little video of various things exploding in a microwave. I’ve always wanted to try the Ivory Soap one. Ivory allegedly has little air bubbles, which when in the microwave heat up causing the moisture to turn to gas. That causes it to expand and appear like a foam.

Ferris Bueller Super Bowl 2012

I’m speechless. Sounds like we’ll learn more during the Superbowl. Update: It’s for a Honda Ad.

Jim Henson Robot for Bell System (Now AT&T)

This was made by Jim Henson for Bell System in 1963. The video notes: It also may be the same robot that appeared on the Mike Douglas Show in 1966. Henson created a different — but similar — robot for the SKF Industries pavilion at the 1964 World’s Fair. So essentially Elmo’s great grandfather is […]

Web App Stores Via Twittter/Facebook

It seems likely to me that Facebook and Twitter will eventually be competing with Apple in terms of App stores. Facebook sort of already is with their extensive apps platform, however that’s just competing for developer attention. Twitter doesn’t really have an equivalent today (developers mainly build clients and interact with data), but don’t underestimate […]

Google Wants To Make TCP Faster

Google has been pushing SPDY for a little while now, and so far I haven’t really seen a good argument against SPDY. Firefox 11 will ship with it, though disabled by default until the bugs are worked out. Now Google is turning its eyes towards TCP. Very logical. While there are a variety of proposals […]

Warren Buffett Playing The Ukulele

Warren Buffett playing “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” on a Ukulele for CCTV. Of course he actually owns BNSF Railway, so “working on” is a little bit of an understatement.

Big Mac Index Infographic

Online MBA has a great infographic about The Big Mac Index. It’s interesting how such a popular menu item can tell so much about the world economy. Click on the image to get a full one mirrored here, the original can be found here.