Girl With A Funny Talent

Girl With A Funny Talent

One of the more recent internet sensations I just haven’t found the time to post. A follow-up video here. Even a Facebook page to request songs (according to the follow-up video). Credit where it’s due, she’s taken a silly talent to a viral sensation and managed to package it up into a YouTube account and successful Facebook page. Not bad for a kid.

Editors Note: This was surprisingly hard to screen grab in any way that demonstrated her “talent” and didn’t look so bad that even I wouldn’t feel right publishing it.

Man Busted for “Octopus Porn”

A few years ago I ran across an amusing story that described Octopus reproduction, years later, that blog post brings up a decent amount of traffic (as well as some bizarre search queries). For those who find the idea of octopus porn amusing, you’ll enjoy this one from The Sun.

He also got busted for Tiger porn. When asked by the judge if he wanted to make a statement regarding the material, he responded “They’re ggggrrrreat!”.