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This show some real promise (hat tip Gerv). Eric Edwards designed a great Firefox Ad. I personally think it’s exceptionally good.

Perhaps the next SpreadFirefox campaign for 1.1 should be a TV ad? Run a 30 second spot during a decent timeframe. Just the publicity of the organization is significant press for Firefox, and will help generate some buzz for 1.1. The actual ad itself would be extra.

A CBS Monday night ad for example could prove rather effective. With Two and a Half Men, Everybody Loves Raymond (last season ends pretty soon), CSI Miami are all very well watched shows. Even if were not at the peak (9:00 – 10:00), there’s still a decent viewership during the time period. That would be my #1 choice. It’s not the most watched period, so it won’t be as expensive, but still gets quite a solid fanbase.

Another great period to investigate would be Fox on Sunday. The Simpsons have a large cult following, you can bet that’s got quite a large geek following in there as well. That might be a great group to target. Teens, young adults, etc. That would be another sport to consider. Between 8:00 and 9:00 would work rather well.

Obviously putting all names in it isn’t possible, so a tag “this advertisement is paid for by members” could be put at the end. Perhaps even a “I’m Firefox, and I approve this message” voiceover could be added (just kidding).

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I’m Firefox, and I approve this message

Something like that would actually work pretty well with TV ads. Remember the MSN butterfly, who appeared on commercials when MSN 8 came out? Give the Firefox a voice, and really personify what Firefox-the-software does for users.

How about showing a room full of Firefoxes poring over mounds of books, while the user reclines on a couch? Then have a narrator start talking about tabbed browsing.

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