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Netscape Desktop Navigator

As mentioned all around the web, Netscape is creating an ISP. In hopes of turing into an ISP/content based brand Netscape the other day released a beta of it’s Netscape Desktop Navigator program. So I decided to give it a quick wirl…. Overall Impressions I found it to be quite useful, but not exactly perfect […]

Favorite XHTML/CSS Book

So a question to all… what’s your favorite XHTML/CSS reference book/website?

What’s on Netscape Today

It’s just wrong isn’t it? From approx. 10:30 PM EST

vLIB rules

If your a PHP developer, and you don’t know about it yet, check out vLIB. I’ve worked quite a bit with templating for a few years now. I think this is the best library for implementing templates in a PHP application I’ve seen. It’s got a good amount of flexibility, and it’s easy to implement. […]

Why people shouldn’t be afraid of Gmail

There has been a ton of buzz lately about Gmail, Google’s free email service. 1000 megabytes of free storage, Google Search Technology, and of course all sorts of Google usability improvements. I’m sure Google has stuff still in the labs to enhance it at some point in the future as well, I could see searching […]

PHP Class to prevent automated signups

If anyone knows of a good PHP class (must be open source license) that will display one of those captcha images with text that must be entred to deter bots (like what Network Solutions does for whois), I’d greatly appreciate it.

Some big changes

I think some big changes are coming to my web properties this summer… stay tuned. Details not worked out completely, but I think it will be a ton of work, but a great return. P.S.: Happy Easter.

The Pure Software Act of 2006

A must read article on all the bad software, and how to help users stay away from it. I really hope it goes to the Feds, and we get a law about this. All websites with downloads must be labeled appropriately, and all downloads must warn before such actions take place. Even commercial software should […]

Another week done

My goals for the weekend: Catch up on email/IM’s, bugs I missed while sick (almost done) See how far away from getting a few blocking problems resolved with relaunch Follow up on some forum threads I fell behind on Revise term paper on technology waste Securita research (most likely no code) Reserch for Biology […]