Not feeling good since yesterday :-(. So unless it was really important with a due date, most likely, I haven’t read, checked, wrote, marked, mutilated, groped it.

Hopefully I’m recovering now, and will be back up and at it soon. But for now, it’s mostly laying in bed watching TV or sleeping (more sleep than even beloved TV).


A day in the code

Well, I did get stuff done today. Some project aquarius work (all HTML I might add, as much as “love” it). Tomorrow I think I can finish this front end stuff and get back to my beloved backend.

Also nearing the end of bug 217149. I think this last edit should do it.

Also many thanks to those who sent me an email/comment over yesterday’s post on securita. It will be a few days before I can give this some attention again, but I am slowly working towards something.