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Several months ago I mentioned the Nokia N800. Recently a Mozilla based browser was released. This got me extra interested. Apparently flash support is improved, and you could run a better browser. Also can run Skype, and openSSH. What more could you want?

Well there is a killer thing missing: offline support. It’s a WiFi only device (which IMHO is fine), meaning no data connection if your not in range of a hotspot unless you use bluetooth and your cellphone, but that’s expensive. I’d love to see offline support. I’m surprised Google hasn’t stepped up to the plate and released a version of Google Gears the N800. Seems like it would be the perfect application.

Very interesting product.

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I strongly suspect that the small Gears team is overwhelmed with issues that affect a larger share of people than N800 support. I agree it’d be nice, but there aren’t infinite resources inside Google. Maybe since Gears is open source someone else can contribute a port.

No need of Google’s Gears since the N800 version of browser is based on 1.9 trunk, currently implementing its own offline support so I believe the final version will sport offline version too.
If Nokia adds support for 3G (at least to the European version), I’ll go to bivouac in front of a shop selling the next-gen N800 to get one such iPhone killer.

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