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Evil And Competitiveness

Joe Hewitt on Competitiveness: People say that money is the root of all evil, but I think that evil is rooted in competitiveness, and money is just the yardstick. The whole thing is worth a read, but that sentence just stuck me.

BTW, Firebug Dude? Stop Writing To Me

From Fake Steve: BTW, firebug dude? Stop writing to me. Joe Hewitt harassing Steve Jobs 😉 ?

Facebook Acquires Parakey

According to TechCrunch Parakey was acquired by Facebook. For those who haven’t been following. Parakey was Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt’s new venture. Their priors include a certain cvs branch that spawned a certain web browser and a certain developer extension for the browser called Firebug (released through Parakey according to the footer). I’m guessing […]

Parakey Will Be Open Source

For those following the developments of Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt’s new venture Parakey. Blake has clarified that it will be open source. Very interesting stuff. Can’t wait to take a look. Hopefully a sneak peak will be available soon.