Facebook Acquires Parakey

According to TechCrunch Parakey was acquired by Facebook. For those who haven’t been following. Parakey was Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt’s new venture. Their priors include a certain cvs branch that spawned a certain web browser and a certain developer extension for the browser called Firebug (released through Parakey according to the footer). I’m guessing this isn’t part of a plan for a “WebOS” but to strengthen the Facebook Platform.

For the record Facebook is a pretty decent open source contributor as well as a consumer. Hopefully this means that Blake’s intention to open source most of Parakey will still hold true. Some more work on Firebug would also be awesome.

Congrats to Blake and Joe!

Asa Diggs Trolliness

Asa Diggs Trolliness

I got a chuckle after seeing this, so I felt it was necessary to make a screenshot. The proximity of the two is something that’s pretty rare. Not often will someone digg their own “trolliness”.

On a more serious note, good article with Blake.

Somewhat off topic: I’ve got to make a point to using a Mac to make screenshots. They look so much better than when it’s done in Windows. The text can’t be beat. Does anyone else see the difference? This one was done with Safari. I should try with Camino and Firefox and see what type of a difference there is between them when comparing.