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Facebook Acquires Parakey

According to TechCrunch Parakey was acquired by Facebook. For those who haven’t been following. Parakey was Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt’s new venture. Their priors include a certain CVS branch that spawned a certain web browser and a certain developer extension for the browser called Firebug (released through Parakey according to the footer). I’m guessing this isn’t part of a plan for a “WebOS” but to strengthen the Facebook Platform.

For the record Facebook is a pretty decent open source contributor as well as a consumer. Hopefully this means that Blake’s intention to open source most of Parakey will still hold true. Some more work on Firebug would also be awesome.

Congrats to Blake and Joe!

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Facebook getting Parakey is no big deal and not a wow news since there are more advanced Web Operating Systems already live out there like the Global Hosted Operating SysTem at (known as ghost).

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