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Parakey Will Be Open Source

For those following the developments of Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt’s new venture Parakey. Blake has clarified that it will be open source. Very interesting stuff. Can’t wait to take a look. Hopefully a sneak peak will be available soon.

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[…] Thanks to the many people in the blog world who covered the story and offered input (positive and negative) about what we’re doing. I believe Matt Mullenweg was the first to break the story on the Web, and it was then graciously picked up by Matt Marshall, Dave Winer, Niall Kennedy, Om Malik, Aidan Henry, Ajaxian, Susan Mernit, Lloyd Budd, Alex Moskalyuk, Richard MacManus, Robert Accettura and others. Thanks as well to journalist David Kushner and Spectrum editor Steven Cherry for their tireless efforts to get the story right. […]

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