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Haarlem 2014

Haarlem Pano

I was playing around with my phone and was curious how well the panorama feature worked at night, which is typically pretty hard to stitch. Answer is: works pretty good.

Project 365 Week 48

Project 365 Week 47

Project 365 Week 5

Another week, another round of pictures. I’ll hopefully get better at posting these promptly at the conclusion of a week.

Project 365 Week 3

Some interesting experiments this week including some motion (which I’ve been shying away from), and bad weather seems to be an ongoing theme. Monday included a screenshot, since I technically consider that a photo 😉 .

Project 365 Week 2

Here we are at week two of Project 365. I’m starting to get into a routine with this process now. Click through a photo for a more detailed description. You can also keep up on Flickr. I’ll be doing weekly dumps to this blog for posterity, but will update Flickr pretty much nightly.