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Hurricane Sandy Time Lapse

Here’s a great time lapse of Hurricane Sandy. Around the 2:00 mark you can see the power go out in lower Manhattan. The NY Times has a similar time lapse from the top of their building.

Post Hurricane Sandy

Things have been quiet for a few days thanks the Hurricane Sandy. Power went out Monday afternoon and wasn’t restored until Thursday afternoon. About 4 hours after that it was cut again and was restored this afternoon. Despite that I still managed to work until 3:30 AM Tuesday fighting fires at work thanks to extremely […]

Hurricane Sandy

Just over a year ago it was Irene. Hurricane Sandy is coming toward the NY Metro area. Blogging schedule may be a bit off the next few days.

Project 365 Week 42

Project 365 Week 36

Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is tracking towards NYC metro area. Already MTA, NJ Transit are shut down. So far it’s just been some rain. Looks like over the next few hours it will start to become more intense. Earthquake and Hurricane in under a week for those keeping track.

Project 365 Week 24

Finally caught up! The tugboat is a picture I didn’t even remember taking, but in retrospect is pretty cool. This seems to be a trend with me. The ones with least recall, or lowest expectations afterwards seem the best.

Project 365 Week 4

Between being brutally cold and snow, this looks like a repeat of last week. I did however attempt a panorama after noticing how closely aligned two photos I took accidentally were. Next time I’ll try and do so intentionally. I’m trying to avoid using B&W as a crutch for avoiding color correction.

Project 365 Week 3

Some interesting experiments this week including some motion (which I’ve been shying away from), and bad weather seems to be an ongoing theme. Monday included a screenshot, since I technically consider that a photo 😉 .

Flood Pictures

The Boston Globe has some amazing photos from the 2008 Midwest floods. Particularly impressive is that first one with the nearby tornado.