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Haarlem 2014


Yet another shot of a canal, never get tired of em’. Pretty sure this is Haarlem, but don’t recall 100% for sure.

Netherlands Passes Net Neutrality Law

Took only a year and it seems the Dutch passed a relatively comprehensive net neutrality law after KPN’s proposal to break net neutrality. The US will be forced to face this debate one way or another soon enough. Our economy and lives are being very reliant on those pipes.

Project 365 Week 50

Project 365 Week 48

Project 365 Week 47

Project 365 Week 5

Another week, another round of pictures. I’ll hopefully get better at posting these promptly at the conclusion of a week.


I’m back from vacation. Like two years ago, I spent some time in Holland visiting family, and then some vacation time in Spain (Mallorca to be exact), then back to Holland for a day and a half. Just starting to catch up on things, so be patient if your expecting a reply from me. I’m […]

Back from Vacation

I’m back from 2 weeks abroad. Where did my travels take me: Amsterdam, Holland Mas Palomas, Spain Some general notes: Flying Male flight attendants dress like pilots while female’s look like nurses. Flew over Paris France (oh no, I violated the boycott… yawn) late at night, said hello, no reply. I guess you were all […]