Five O’Clock World

Five O'Clock World

NJ Transit’s newer Bombardier MultiLevel Vehicle (MLV)
in NY Penn Station. I’m actually quite pleased how this came out after some post-processing to fix what the poor lighting did to the photo.

Five O’Clock World is a reference to the song by The Vogues, and perhaps remembered by fans of The Drew Carey Show who used it as an intro at one point. It seemed appropriate for the first Friday commute home after a holiday.

I’ve got photos

I’m going to try and start remembering to take photo’s with my cell phone when I see something cool. I’m so not used to having a camera on me, so it will take some adjustment.

I did happen to take a few photo’s in either July or August on the train. Tell me, which ride looks more relaxing after work?

From now on, I’ll try to remember. It could be fun.