Photo A Day 2011

Project 365 Week 3

Some interesting experiments this week including some motion (which I’ve been shying away from), and bad weather seems to be an ongoing theme. Monday included a screenshot, since I technically consider that a photo 😉 .


Fountain Of Youth

Duke Nukem 3D Fountain Of Youth

Ah the classics.

Google Mozilla

Summer of Code 2

Greg Stein left a comment yesterday about being able to submit an application to work on Mozilla for Google’s “Summer of Code” even if it isn’t listed. This morning I submitted a proposal. The basic premise is to allow me to accelerate my development of the reporter tool, including some server side changes (to help prevent abuse), and getting started (this is most likely longer term) on screenshot support, so users can submit a screenshot of the issue they have (should they choose to do so, it will be an option for obvious privacy reasons).

It sounds like a great opportunity, and a good excuse to give my Mozilla contributions greater priority.

Thanks to Greg for giving me the heads up on that.


Microsoft Supports Firefox

Microsoft provided Firefox ScreenshotThe Associated Press just plain rocks. The image from Yahoo (link will brake over time as usual) has this great text under it:

This photo provided by Microsoft shows Their search tool and the preference rankings that can be defined by the user. (AP Photo/HO/Microsoft)

[Source: Yahoo! @ 11/192004 5:20PM EST]

Just wonderful to see that Firefox has spread as far as Microsoft. Even Microsoft uses Firefox a bit.