North Korean Kids Playing Guitar

North Korean Guitar Kids

And in today’s absolutely creepy propaganda we have some North Korean kids playing guitar. The robotic looks on their faces is terrifying. But I must say they are talented for their age. I can’t imagine what sort of effort it would take to get a child with that small fingers (and attention span) to play like that. Hard to tell if there’s any faking since you never see enough the kids close enough at the same time.

Four Handed Guitar

Four Handed Guitar - Katy Perry - Firework

It’s Friday and I wanted something not serious to end the week of two Mondays (Independence day midweek made Thursday a Monday to me). I won’t spoil it, but you likely won’t guess the song based on the screenshot. The guitar playing is neat. The vocals they throw in is a bonus. For those who don’t know the song, you can find the original one here.