New AIM Beta Kicks Ass

New AIM Beta Kicks some serious butt:
– Video Chat (yes that’s right, AOL finally caught up).
– Multiple SN’s at once. Just like DeadAIM was doing (for pay). Multiple buddy lists.

I’ve got a few issues though:

With multiple profiles online at once, that leaves some serious spam/harassment potential. Think about it. multiple chances to be a jerk, without even switching signing off your main SN.

My second, is that if a buddy is on more than one buddy list, and they sign on, you get multiple buddy popup’s. Now if they are on XP, and come out of hibernation, they not only sign on, but they are away initially. Meaning 2X popups for each buddylist they are on. If they are on 2 buddy lists. That’s 4 popups. You get the idea, it gets ugly. I’ve already covered the entire right side of my monitor more than once.

Get Info button moved above text field (make way for video chat button). Interface looks more cluttered than ever. Oh yea, they put Video support in (only XP), yet no support for working behind firewalls (UPnP). Not great. Very not great. IIRC AOL is very involved with UPnP as well.

Overall, nice new features, but a ton of refinement is needed for this bloatware. Not to mention, some bug cleanup, and some essential upgrades (UPnP).

Hope the Mac version keeps up.

And doesn’t no mention of compatibility with iChat? Anyone know why?

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The IM companies seem to all have gone the bloatware route for the most part, which is why I never use any of their clients. I prefer instead to use Trillian ( ) to connect to all four (plus IRC makes five) major services and use all but the most advanced features from one client/buddy list. I don’t think it has video capabilities, at least in the free version, but it does have support for multiple SNs for (all?) services and very flexible notification controls.

trillian pro actually works with yahoo webcam

small group of programmers, impressive programming and reverse engineering

well i really think IM is a good thing cause i really like to chat and i like to do alot of otha things on the net and i think itz a good idea 4 ppl to do things like dis becuz i kno al ot of ppl like dis 2 and IM really happy some 1 did dis so thank u soo soo much signed Peachez


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