Thunderbird Address Book 2.0

I’ve discussed this a bit before, but I thought I’d take a deeper look into what the Address Book needs to “kick ass”.

  • More than just 2 Email fields. 2 initially appear on the form, but a button to add more. I’ve got a few people who I have a work, and more than 1 personal address. Additionally the ability to specify the preferred message format per address. Work uses Eudora, but home uses Thunderbird. Different prefs for each.
  • “Internet Names”, this should succeed the “Screen Name” field. The user is presented with 1 pull down menu containing a list of services, 1 text field, and a button to “Add More”. The user can select a service, enter the screenname/username/id. “Add More” adds another field (similar to how a filter is displayed). The last option in the service pull down is “Edit Services”. This should bring a window allowing the user to specify a new service, or modify an existing one. Do things like select an icon to show next to it (URL, or file), URL to link to (use text like %n to represent name), and the name of the Service.
  • Photos. The simple ability to drag/drop a photo onto the address card, and have it appear as the photo for the user. Store the photo in a directory within the profile.
  • View All Books. Many people simply use “Address Books” as a way to categorize addresses, for example “Work”, “Friends”, “Family”, etc. There should be a view option in to view them combined. So you just get a list of all of them. Would make it easier to sort/sift. This way, I can view them all easily, but still keep them orgamized.

This would make substantial strides from being an “Email Client” to a “Personal Information Manager”. Address Book is good, but it could be great.


Mac OS X Address Book for Thunderbird

It should be great to read the Mac OS X Address Book from within Mozilla/Thunderbird. This patch is really a big leap for Mac OS X Thunderbird users. Thunderbird so far hasn’t had many of the integration features for the Mac like it has for the PC (mainly MAPI). So this is a big step on bringing it up to that level for the Mac.

What would be great is if we can get Sunbird, Camino and Firefox to start leveraging some of iSync’s power. Perhaps I’m dreaming, but it’s a sweet dream.

But for that we need Apple to release a SDK for iSync. Come on Apple!!! Someone should really start a campaign on this one. Would be nice to have the ability for third parties to write drivers for phones, web browsers, and other software to patch into the system.

On a sidenote, the contest is still running for a Gmail Account. Since most of the jokes so far are rather pathetic… I’m extending it. Come on people. I’m easy. All you have to do it tell a joke to get a chance. You control your odds. No bidding, begging, objectives. Just tell a joke ;-).


Quiz, class, fun

2 classes, a Quiz this afternoon, then some fun πŸ˜€

One easy class Thursday, so Wednesday afternoon marks the unoffical end of my week.

I’ve got some stuff on my agenda for tonight, lots of work, and perhaps some neat toy.

Last night, I put up a nice patch for Bug 235577. I think it’s a pretty cool enhancement. Then again, just my personal opinion. Hopefully it will get reviewed in a few days, and all can use it.


Palm OS Address Program

Does Palm OS 5 support “Contacts” or “Address” as the address book program?

From how I see it, all but 3 models, use Address. But I have yet to see this in writing beyond a reasonable doubt (I just made my conclusion based on my findings). Can anyone help David and myself out here with some info?

I personally wish Palm Source would bring Contacts to Palm OS 4/5, and update the CDK to support it. Would make development a bit easier, and great functionality.

Not to mention, seeing a product supported for an extended period of time, makes one more inclinded to consider the brand in the future. Apple supports their computers very well “officially” for years. A great deal. Where most PC manufacturers don’t support PC’s after a year or two. When the XP upgrades came out, most older PC’s (over a year), weren’t officially “supported” by their manufacturer under XP. You were at your own risk if you upgraded. When I see how long my Mac can go with up to date software, it’s reassuring. Years later, still have current software, and completely supported hardware.

Enough of my rant about supporting products. What’s the verdict on Palm OS’s address program? What’s the standard?


More on Palm Sync

I need Palm Sync! Seriously.

Here’s the bug. And a nice long thread on the issue.

I wish it would be working, and whomever gets it working will be my new friend πŸ˜‰

Palm Sync makes life so nice and easy. Enter someone’s email in my Palm, and it’s in my email addressbook. And vice versa. 1 place to do it all. So simple, and quick.

A great feature I hope to see implemented, and perhaps improved upon when the addressbook gets an overhaul.