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Thunderbird Address Book 2.0

I’ve discussed this a bit before, but I thought I’d take a deeper look into what the Address Book needs to “kick ass”. More than just 2 Email fields. 2 initially appear on the form, but a button to add more. I’ve got a few people who I have a work, and more than 1 […]

Mac OS X Address Book for Thunderbird

It should be great to read the Mac OS X Address Book from within Mozilla/Thunderbird. This patch is really a big leap for Mac OS X Thunderbird users. Thunderbird so far hasn’t had many of the integration features for the Mac like it has for the PC (mainly MAPI). So this is a big step […]

Quiz, class, fun

2 classes, a Quiz this afternoon, then some fun 😀 One easy class Thursday, so Wednesday afternoon marks the unoffical end of my week. I’ve got some stuff on my agenda for tonight, lots of work, and perhaps some neat toy. Last night, I put up a nice patch for Bug 235577. I think it’s […]

Palm OS Address Program

Does Palm OS 5 support “Contacts” or “Address” as the address book program? From how I see it, all but 3 models, use Address. But I have yet to see this in writing beyond a reasonable doubt (I just made my conclusion based on my findings). Can anyone help David and myself out here with […]

More on Palm Sync

I need Palm Sync! Seriously. Here’s the bug. And a nice long thread on the issue. I wish it would be working, and whomever gets it working will be my new friend 😉 Palm Sync makes life so nice and easy. Enter someone’s email in my Palm, and it’s in my email addressbook. And vice […]