Palm OS Address Program

Does Palm OS 5 support “Contacts” or “Address” as the address book program?

From how I see it, all but 3 models, use Address. But I have yet to see this in writing beyond a reasonable doubt (I just made my conclusion based on my findings). Can anyone help David and myself out here with some info?

I personally wish Palm Source would bring Contacts to Palm OS 4/5, and update the CDK to support it. Would make development a bit easier, and great functionality.

Not to mention, seeing a product supported for an extended period of time, makes one more inclinded to consider the brand in the future. Apple supports their computers very well “officially” for years. A great deal. Where most PC manufacturers don’t support PC’s after a year or two. When the XP upgrades came out, most older PC’s (over a year), weren’t officially “supported” by their manufacturer under XP. You were at your own risk if you upgraded. When I see how long my Mac can go with up to date software, it’s reassuring. Years later, still have current software, and completely supported hardware.

Enough of my rant about supporting products. What’s the verdict on Palm OS’s address program? What’s the standard?

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It appears from Palm’s web site (see that the E and T3 are the only models that have the new “Contacts” program at the moment. It is not available even for download with the Palm SDK. This may be one of the downsides of having the PalmOS broken off from PalmOne. Now PalmOne can keep software they develop away from any of the other PalmOS licensees.

Similar info put in bug 214407


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