Washington Monument Prank

True story: For several years (2003-ish to 2009-ish) if you did a Google image search for “Washington Monument, one of the first search results you’d see came from me:

Washington Monument Search Results

Here’s the actual image:

Washington Monument

Needless to say it was slightly photoshopped and the fact that this showed up for so many years was quite amusing to me and many others. I’ve gotten a few emails, and quite a bit of traffic over time for it. It was completely unintentional that it SEO’d so well and for so long. Ran across the image today and figured it’s a good time to tell the tale.

Dodgeball For The Olympics

I think it’s time to see Dodgeball in the Olympics. If dressage is an Olympic sport, I just don’t see how dodgeball shouldn’t be.

Somewhere between 15-20 per team and no more than 10 balls between them. Team with last man standing wins. Headshots valid (mixed on this)?

Dodgeball has it all. Strategy, strength, quick reaction, flexibility, good throwing arm, and obviously teamwork. Also, lets face it, this would be the most entertaining thing to watch. It’s fast paced, makes for great replays, and is guaranteed to be something you can’t blink while watching. It can be played indoors meaning it can be a summer or winter sport. You can even reuse the same space used for indoor volleyball if it were done in the summer.

Perhaps it’s time for a public campaign to get dodgeball in the Olympics. I think it would be a fantastic addition1.

1. Of course I’m also for adding a great white shark to water polo.