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FEMA Requires IE

Looks like you need IE to Request Disaster Help [Report RMO11260876651676]. Similar issue here [Report RMO112569096572]. A small story about this issue was published by Legit Reviews. This hinders people using some Linux based Kiosks being setup to let survivors get online. Currently, the only solution is to call (or forge your UA). Anyone know […]

Yet another week

Yet another week with no laptop (though hope to have it back fixed shortly… perhaps more details on that later). So it’s lab only until Thursday. I’ll be checking in, but don’t count on speedy email replies until then.

Features vs. Usability

There seems to be an ongoing debate in the software world about features. You know, the “new toys” that come with software each time you get a new version. There was a time where you would always ask “what new features does it add?” when upgrading a software package. The end result of this practice […]

Katrina Relief Online

I’ve been compiling a little list of some ways you can help online. There is a lot going on, so if you find one I haven’t mentioned, leave a comment so I can add it. Flickr Auction – the popular photo sharing site is holding an auction for prints of some donated photo’s. There’s quite […]

Binary Patching

This is by far the best feature in 1.5. This capability allows Firefox to update much quicker (which means more people will keep up to date). This is not only a bandwidth saver, and a way to quickly update, but it’s a security enhancement. It makes staying secure easier and faster, which should translate to […]

International Blogging for Disaster Relief Day

Today is International Blogging for Disaster Relief Day (Andy Carvin’s Idea). I think it’s rather appropriate. For those wanting up to date information on what’s going on, check which has a few slow loading, but information filled threads from people gathering news from all sources. I think I’ll just leave it with a link […]

Hurricane Katrina Photo Part II

The individual who wrote the capture for the now infamous “finding” picture broke his silence today. The people were swimming in chest deep water, and there were other people in the water, both white and black. I looked for the best picture. there were a million items floating in the water – we were right […]