FEMA Requires IE

Looks like you need IE to Request Disaster Help [Report RMO11260876651676]. Similar issue here [Report RMO112569096572]. A small story about this issue was published by Legit Reviews. This hinders people using some Linux based Kiosks being setup to let survivors get online.

Currently, the only solution is to call (or forge your UA).

Anyone know someone who works on the FEMA website? Would be great to get this resolved quickly (especially the first one, since it appears to be blocking for no reason) for anyone who really needs the services FEMA provides. If anyone can help, contact me, leave a comment, or just get to work on it (I may be a little slow to respond due to some laptop problems). Thanks in advance to anyone who could help.

Update: Asa pointed me to a MSNBC article on the issue.

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Oh thank goodness someone on Planet Mozilla picked this up as I looked early today no one had. As a Citizen of the U.S. and seeing how unprepaired FEMA was on Gulf Goast Disaster was to read that there request for disater page was Windows OS running I.E. 6.0. I read this last night on Ziff Davis web-site. Here is the URL: Under Murphy’s blog he was trying to help his mother who was from the area on his Apple and could not. Here is FEMA part of the Homeland Security who sister agency U.S. Cert been telling people for just over a year use other browsers other than I.E. to surf the net. To say I am pissed off at this is a understatement. I have called both my States Senators and local Congressman. I have a draft letter that I ‘ll send after my wife proofs the letter. I stink at typing and spelling as you can see. But I want to send a form letter to every senator on the committee for Technology, Innovation, Competitivness. I am tired of being a second class citizen because of what OS or browser I chose to use. This is Mozilla’s greatest problem to overcome. MS lockout. I am a disabled auto tech that has been goofing with computer since my T.I. TS-80 and have friends and relatives bring me thier infected or I tried to install or un install this and now my Windows box won’t work right or boot. I have now for the last few years try to get them to use Firefox or Thunderbird or the Suite. I can’t get on my banks web-site. Or I get, Bill how come I can’t see the video anymore on our local TV news site. You told me to use this to browse the internet and even though I have Media 10 it won’t work You can run thier dam OS and if you don’t run thier browser or e-mail program they lock you out of so many places. That is why in my letter I wrote it is just a new form of discrimnation by a monoply that buys its way into other companies and goverments.

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