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Stylesheet fun

Here’s valid XHTML Transitional of a webpage. Several individuals a while back commented on my last design as being “old”, “stale”, etc. So if anyone wants to design a stylesheet, or just wants to see where I am right now, that’s it. Yes I know the logo is a dead image, but the logo […] Hardcore

I’m starting to get hardcore into Development, starting what will be the final development push. Today I implemented MD5 encryption across all logins the system performs. It’s deployed and in production at the time. Also did a few other weeks to the authentication system while I’m in there. I’m strongly considering going with XHTML […]

Mozilla News

So much to touch on, and not much time. From the minutes… – Firefox fans burned down the FTP farm Perhaps it’s time for to setup a few slots for “the regulars’, devs and dedicated beta testers, so they can continue work regardless of release schedule. It’s the second release that took me […]

Finally a project for the masses

Pornzilla is back. Horray! Even for the non-porn viewers out there (If there is anyone out there). A few of these features are quite useful. I use several on NASA’s website. Some of his bookmarklets are amazingly useful. In particular, I would love to see the Zoom In, and Zoom Out bookmarlets integrated into Firefox […]

Open Sourcing some goodies

Over the years, I’ve written quite a few scripts, and other fun goodies. Some are used, some I’ve got in production for years, and literally forgot about. And some have never been used. I’m looking in my vault of code, and have quite a few of these little things hanging about. I’m seriously considering publishing […]

If only I had the cash

I’d own me a Blue Angel. How sweet it would be to buy an F/A-18A on ebay. My favorite aircraft ever.

HTTP Decompression Bombs

Interesting find here. Just FYI.

Microsoft Soure Code Leaked

Various sources are claiming that Microsofts Windows 2000 and Windows NT source code has been leaked. Should be interesting to see how much code they ripped off of Linux. Perhaps even SCO! Would also be interesting to see how many security issues are found in their already-proven-vulnerable code. Hackers find hundreds without the source. With […]

Foxy Lady

FireFox… I think I love you… I wanna take you home I won’t do you no harm, no You’ve got to be all mine, all mine Ooh, foxy lady … Here I come I’m comin’ to get ya Foxy lady You look so good Yeah, foxy Yeah, give us some Foxy Yeah, get it, babe […]

Extensions… The Next Generation

I’ve begun thinking about what’s good, and what’s bad about extensions, and what I would ideally like to see. So I put together a somewhat brief analysis. Since now is about the time to start bringing about ideas for improvements, I figured I’d take a little stab at how to make extensions kick even more […]