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FUSE For Windows

Reason number 1,000,001 to use a Mac for development purposes. MacFUSE rocks (thanks Google). sshfs and ftpfs (when no SSH) are life savers. Yes in Linux there’s the original FUSE which is just dynamite. I just don’t understand how in 2008 there’s no port for Windows. It’s so insanely useful and practical.

IDE’s with FTP browsers built in pretty much suck, or their FTP implementation is just too buggy.

Surprisingly the Mac has FUSE, and the one IDE that I like Coda also has an awesome FTP/SFTP implementation. Avery rare coincidence. To my surprise, several weeks ago I found out it even supports SSH keys. The trick is to use SFTP and to enter your keys password in Coda when setting up the Site. Coda will then connect and use the SSH key. Awesome.

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Windows Firewall stinks

It took me about 45 minutes, and 2 phone calls to figure out that Windows Firewall apparently suffered some corruption, blocking me from FTP to this server. Not all FTP servers (for some reason that’s beyond me). All clients failed. First I thought it was the server. Then I thought it was a networking issue (net admin said FTP was not blocked). In the end, it was Windows Firewall. Resetting it using the Default Settings button brought me back to life (for anyone experiencing this problem that may be helpful to know).

I normally SFTP these days, but sometimes FTP for some reason (likely habit more than anything).


Mozilla News

So much to touch on, and not much time.

From the minutes

– Firefox fans burned down the FTP farm

Perhaps it’s time for to setup a few slots for “the regulars’, devs and dedicated beta testers, so they can continue work regardless of release schedule. It’s the second release that took me a half day to actually get a copy. And if Mozilla gets more popular, it’s going to be even worse. Just a thought. Perhaps in the future FTP will be more stable.

– ~73K downloads yesterday, 30K Failures [due to capacity issues]


– Major Corporate Sponsor agreed to let us use their FTP server farm –
we now have 3 more servers in the mirror network than we did before
– One of the four servers in her network was actually down yesterday,
that is why the issue with failures

Hmm. Who is the Major Corporate Sponsor? Just curious. Red Hat, IBM, SCO (just kidding 😉 I know how sensitive everyone is to those 3 letters)?

Thunderbird News

mscott released a experimental build of Thunderbird with bayes enhancements. I’ll give it a try, but I’m currently reverting back to 0.4 for a day, in hopes of isolating a file locking bug I think I’ve stumbled upon. More on that later if I find anything out.