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Not feeling good. Being Sick Sucks.

QA doesn’t just stand for Quality Assurance

QA can also stand for Question/Answer. 😉 Asa Writes …Robert Accettura gets the final question with “We were promised by various people that we would see pictures of the Moz Foundation offices. These promises were never fufilled. Why?” Well, I guess the best answer is, “I suck” 🙂 A few weeks ago I took some […]

Firefox freeze on Slashdot comments

I’ve noticed since Firefox 0.8, it sometimes goes to 99% CPU, and just seems to freeze when commenting on slashdot. I’m curious if anyone else has seen this, or has any idea what causes this. I haven’t seen this every time either. I’m thinking it has something to do with the ad system on the […]

FBI Attempting to damage Business?

An interesting article via Slashdot, discusses how the FBI decided to shut down an ISP, rather than take specific data, citing it’s more “efficient”. I wonder if someone hosted at a large hosting facility like one of Verio’s, or Sprint, etc. Would they cease the entire facility? Turning off the servers for Fortune 500 companies? […]

Thunderbird Installer

Scott MacGregor Just committed a first attempt at a Thunderbird installer (not being built yet). Hopefully this comes soon. I’m quite excited. Will be nice have one click access to clean install Thunderbird, rather than unzipping, and drag/drop. I’m lazy. Hopefully it will have PalmSync and the Offline Extension as an option during the install […]

What’s wrong with Mozilla

Daniel Glazman published is FOSDEM slides. A few things I wanted to touch upon real quick: new toolkit’s documentation is lighter than light. Sorry to say, but sucks on documentation… Again. If we want embedder, we NEED documentation. Example: the autocomplete textbox Well who can object to this one? As someone learning a bit […]

Microsoft Software Update CD (FREE!)

This is actually a legitimate offer. Microsoft is offering a free CD. Granted it’s slightly out of date (October 2003), I’d still recommend getting a copy. That way next time you restore your computer, you don’t need to wait for the download of all those updates (especially if another virus attacks windowsupdate or Also […]

E-mail STD Hoax… coming to your inbox soon

Why does this just seem to be asking for a hoax to be created? Do people think at all before coming up with these ideas? I can see it now [the following simulation email is purely fictional and has not to my knowledge been used]: Hello, I am writing to you today from the Los […]

Busy Busy Busy

Busy busy busy busy…. you get the idea. I’ve got a todo list longer than Microsoft’s Security and Bug alert lists combined. 😉

I love to see you smile

Well, yea, I do love happy people, but I was really talking about bug 155028 I’d love to see some comments on the proposal. I think they would provide a nice UI enhancement for Thunderbird end users. Emoticons, as trivial as they sound, are actually very persuasive on getting people to use a product. Microsoft […]