Open Sourcing some goodies

Over the years, I’ve written quite a few scripts, and other fun goodies. Some are used, some I’ve got in production for years, and literally forgot about. And some have never been used. I’m looking in my vault of code, and have quite a few of these little things hanging about.

I’m seriously considering publishing what I have for all who want to use (mostly under a typical Mozilla Tri-license scheme).

Biggest problem is that some need some cleanup, and a few could be written a bit better. So it is a time investment. Perhaps when I get some free time and feel like coding a bit, I’ll put them all together.

Also look for a new XHTML version of this site to come soon. I’ve been lazy, and never finished it after I started, but I do think I”m going to get to it sooner than later. A lot slimmer. And that’s what we all like. Not to mention I want to add some new alternative stylesheets.

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