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GoDaddy DNS Outage

Via Wired: Following a day-long Domain Name Service server outage, web hosting provider GoDaddy is letting its competitor, VeriSign, host its DNS servers. Part of me wants to point out that GoDaddy’s relationship with VeriSign’s is not quite that of a competitor. GoDaddy’s primary business is domain registration. VeriSign sold Network Solutions back in 2003. […]

US Authorities Seize Foreign Domain

Via easyDNS, The Domains reports on a foreign gambling domain being seized in the US: The indictment focuses on the movement of funds from accounts outside the U.S., in Switzerland, England, Malta, and Canada, and the hiring of media resellers and advertisers to promote Internet gambling. To make that clear: A federal warrant was issued […]

EV SSL Support in Firefox 2.0

Many by now has heard about Extended Validation (EV) Certificates. This technology lets sites that meet a higher standard of verification appear differently in a browser (typically with a green background behind the url). IE 7 has supported this technology, and Firefox has been planning this for 3.0. VeriSign (the very expensive SSL Cert guys) […]

Anycast Saves The Web

Several weeks ago the root servers were attacked. CNet is running a story that says Anycast played a role in preventing larger problems. It would be interesting to see if all the root servers switch to Anycast. Where would the new distributed servers go? Does Verisign etc. own that many data centers? Or would they […]

Slashdot again

I made slashdot again with a news contribution. Robert Accettura writes “Network Solutions has updated its whois interface, giving it an interesting new twist. On top of regular info provided, it shows data that appears to be from Alexa, including a screenshot of the homepage (though not terribly recent), as well as looks up your […]

Down with Site Finder

I’ve said it before. Site Finder sucks. It’s a violation of standards, and privacy. Not to mention business ethics (hijacking web traffic with a monopolistic position to increase revenue at a cost of user privacy). It may come back. Here’s to hoping Verisign goes out of business.

Owning the Internet

It’s becoming more and more common these days… ISO Codes Tim Berners-Lee wrote a nice little letter regarding a proposal for Licensing the use of ISO codes. I have to personally agree with Berners-Lee on this one. It’s getting a little rediculus what people claim ownership of. Can It trademark the word “internet”? Please? Verisign […]

Verisign Followup

There’s a petition now available for the VeriSign Scam: Sign Now Already got some hits. Sign and pass it on. NOW!

VeriSign can go to hell

I’m a bit angry. From now on any bad URL will resolve to VeriSign. That’s sick. They make money on every typo on the Internet. My real beef is that they could be selling ads for competition. For example, type instead of, and you could be seeing ads for MS Windows. Or vice […]