Google Internet

Google Whois

Dear Google,

I wish you would implement whois support. It’s pretty much the only thing I can’t search with google, but seem to do on a routine basis. How long before I can whois a domain or IP address in Google? Just right in the google search box. If it’s an IP or domain, give me whois data. Just like you do for movie titles



Slashdot again

I made slashdot again with a news contribution.

Robert Accettura writes Network Solutions has updated its whois interface, giving it an interesting new twist. On top of regular info provided, it shows data that appears to be from Alexa, including a screenshot of the homepage (though not terribly recent), as well as looks up your IP, and displays lots of information on it. It even shows the server type, if it supports SSL, DMOZ, Yahoo listing, traffic ranking, and lock status. This comes right after they announced rapid DNS updates. Perhaps they are trying to win over the geeks before they turn on sitefinder?”

Got to admit, I like the new whois. Lots of info nice and easy to use. Feels good. No complaints. But bring back sitefinder, and they can shove it. I’m sure I’m not alone with that feeling.

That’s all I really have to say.