GoDaddy DNS Outage

Via Wired:

Following a day-long Domain Name Service server outage, web hosting provider GoDaddy is letting its competitor, VeriSign, host its DNS servers.

Part of me wants to point out that GoDaddy’s relationship with VeriSign’s is not quite that of a competitor. GoDaddy’s primary business is domain registration. VeriSign sold Network Solutions back in 2003. VeriSign used to sell SSL certs, that’s now owned by Symantec. They however still sell hosting and DNS services which competes with GoDaddy, however I don’t think they are really competing as they seem to be targeting different markets. VeriSign is the authoritative registry for .com and .net, making them essential to the entire operation of domains. GoDaddy being the largest registrar suggests they’ve had a relationship for a long time.

What this demonstrates is that GoDaddy totally dropped the ball and realized they weren’t prepared for today’s events This was a very long outage, even with moving to VeriSign.

Funny Google

Google Voice: Hello Yeah GoDaddy

This just hit my inbox. Google Voice transcribed the important parts right, but also added a certain flare that seems very appropriate for GoDaddy. The only modifications made were stripping the phone number.

GoDaddy Hello Yeah

Couldn’t do this better if I tried.