EV SSL Support in Firefox 2.0

Many by now has heard about Extended Validation (EV) Certificates. This technology lets sites that meet a higher standard of verification appear differently in a browser (typically with a green background behind the URL). IE 7 has supported this technology, and Firefox has been planning this for 3.0. VeriSign (the very expensive SSL Cert guys) created an extension to add UI support to Firefox.

Very interesting to see features like this added to Firefox by an extension. I haven’t seen many security related extensions before.

[Hat tip: InfoWorld]

4 replies on “EV SSL Support in Firefox 2.0”

I just don’t understand this certificate stuff at all.
Why do these things sometimes POP up?
Why should I read them?
I wish it just wouldn’t be there at all.

It’s unlikely that Firefox will use the “green bar” UI presentation. Also, note that (I’m pretty certain) Verisign’s extension only works for their EV certificates (Verisign/Geotrust/Thawte), and not those from other providers.

The Firefox “extension” is a bit worrying from a security perspective, the mozilla boys need to make sure that the address bar is protected so that other extensions with more malicious intent don’t just go green when it suits the extensions creator. I belive the verisign extension only goes green for their EV certs

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