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Microsoft Joins W3C SVG Working Group

Microsoft is joining the W3C SVG Working Group. Presumably that means there’s some interest in SVG for IE or Silverlight or both. I wonder what led to the change of heart. I pretty much wrote off any chance of SVG being mainstream in 2005 when Adobe bought Macromedia. Adobe was previously somewhat of a SVG […]

W3C On DTD Perversions

According to the W3C Systeam’s blog, there’s a lot of poorly designed software out there. It’s pretty rare that something has a legitimate need to pull down a DTD in order to work. They should never be requesting it on a very frequent basis. It’s a very cachable asset. The post includes some pretty impressive […]


A grreat FAQ on XHTML is available, and I encourage all fellow web developers to read up. I found a few interesting things: First read this: strong>Why is it allowed to send XHTML 1.0 documents as text/html? XHTML is an XML format; this means that strictly speaking it should be sent with an XML-related media […]

W3C Web Applications/Compound Documents

Daniel Glazman points out a new position paper Hixie (most likely) authored. Most interesting he concludes: I think this paper is going to face a fierce resistance… Personally I give my vote on most resistance to Microsoft. I’m curious what others think reading some of these. It’s really quite interesting. I’ve had a great time […]

Microsoft and Standards

Microsoft recently redesigned their website (at least their homepage). As you may know, they aren’t a big backer of standards. Look how well their page validates. This concludes this episode of Microsoft-doesn’t-care-about-technology. Validating as XHTML is even more fun. Apple isn’t perfect, but isn’t to bad either. This website is fine though 🙂 Go standards!

Owning the Internet

It’s becoming more and more common these days… ISO Codes Tim Berners-Lee wrote a nice little letter regarding a proposal for Licensing the use of ISO codes. I have to personally agree with Berners-Lee on this one. It’s getting a little rediculus what people claim ownership of. Can It trademark the word “internet”? Please? Verisign […]