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Mr. Wizard’s A Dick

Yes it’s out of context, and he wasn’t really mean (but he wasn’t as soft as TV hosts are today). I still thought this is pretty funny. It’s probably not a shock to anyone who reads this blog, but I loved Mr. Wizard’s show growing up. Later on I also really enjoyed Bill Nye. I’m […]

90’s Bedroom

The language in this video may be NSFW. This guy went all out in recreating the 90’s in his bedroom. It’s quite accurate and funny given how silly this stuff looks in 2012. It may also make you feel a little old if you remember it all.

Age In Media Years…

Here’s a great little tidbit to make you feel old(er): In 4 years, the Back to the Future movie will be as old to us as 1955 was to us when Back to the Future came out. – @joedrew And to top it off: The Wonder Years aired 88-93, was set 68-73. A modern Wonder […]

Super Soaker 50 Retro Revival

According to Gizmodo the original Super Soaker 50 is back! Apparently the only real change they made is the reservoir is no longer removable (the original screwed in). Perhaps that avoids the inevitable leaky gasket that caused problems in the original guns. That limited the pressure that you could build up in the older gun […]

Internet Concept In 1969

Here’s a great video of an Internet like concept in 1969. Some particularly interesting things are the gender specific roles and the simplicity of it all. The hardware is almost comical considering how few buttons are on the machines to control the entire interface. There isn’t even a keyboard. Amazingly multiple displays are used, something […]