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Super Soaker 50 Retro Revival

According to Gizmodo the original Super Soaker 50 is back! Apparently the only real change they made is the reservoir is no longer removable (the original screwed in). Perhaps that avoids the inevitable leaky gasket that caused problems in the original guns. That limited the pressure that you could build up in the older gun once it got past a certain age. I guess it’s similar to the M16A2 upgrade to the M16A1.

I think the most surprising thing (than the original being 20 years old) is that it’s supposedly going to be available for $15. That’s not to terrible in the world of overpriced “retro” toys.


Quiet times

I’ll be in some training for the rest of the week during work hours, and have some personal business to tend to after business hours over the next few days.

Hence not much updating here, or work being done.

I’ve got so much Mozilla bug reading to do it’s insane. Lots I want to read up on, and I’m falling behind more and more right now.

And project aquarius is a bit behind as well. Well, it’s pretty far behind where I wanted to be at this point.

But that’s just how things go. So, that explains the silence. I’m around, but not free.

This would have been posted last night, but Sprint had some networking issues.


The summer slowdown

Between work, sleep, a few free minutes to lounge in front of the TV, and my addiction to food, there’s not to much free coding time. And with vacations, that makes for even less… not that I mind any of the above.

But in a way, I wish there were a few extra hours here and there to get back to my coding. I’ve got a todo list that’s gigantic, and lots of cool tricks I want to put in place.

So if blogging is sporadic, it’s because I’ve got a crazy busy schedule. Same for any patches for any open source product, or anything else I’ve contributed too. It’s still coming, but I’m just swamped with 10000 things i want to do, and about 3 seconds to do them.

With that said, I’m going to bed. Night.


Summer Vacation is here!!!

Summer Break!!!!

Oh joy. no more school. Can’t even begin to tell you how sick of school I am.