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Project 365 Week 15

Another week, another round. This week felt weaker. Need to do better 🙂

Project 365 Week 14

14 Weeks in now!

Project 365 Week 12

Continuation of last week’s “Playing with Aperture” series + a mystery bird (later identified as a Turkey Vulture).

Project 365 Week 11

Another week, another set. I kinda like the way the “Alwyn Court Building” came out. “Looking Down 7th Ave” was a reject from earlier, but I dug it up after having nothing for that day. Now after fixing it up a little bit, I actually like it. I’ll be making some tweaks to how galleries […]

Project 365 Week 10

Another week, another gallery.

Project 365 Week 9

Another week, another gallery. 6 this week as the 7th is actually a video which I define as a rapid series of photos.

Project 365 Week 8

Wow, week 8 already! Here we go:

Project 365 Week 6

6 Weeks into Project 365! I really need to get better at posting this as part of my routine (perhaps Sunday is a good habit to get into). You can of course watch it progress through the week on Flickr if you wish.

Back Of John Jay College

Haaren Hall, the former De Witt Clinton High School designed by C. B. J. Snyder is actually a pretty interesting building since it days from before glass curtains were a popular architectural design. I’ll likely take a few more shots of some of it’s details during the day at some point during this project. To […]

Time Warner Center Looking Up

Time Warner Center from the 58th Street side looking up one of the towers. You can see the Hearst Tower in the reflection.